Coastal Georgia Senior Alzheimer’s Resources: The Gardens of Savannah

Coastal Georgia Alzheimer’s Resources – The Gardens of Savannah

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Today we are introducing readers to The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s and Memory Care.

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For over a decade, The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s and Memory Care Community has been assisting Coastal Empire Seniors with quality Alzheimer’s and Demenia care.

Alzheimer's Savannah GA, Alzheimer's Georgia, Alzheimer's Coastal Georgia, Alzheimer's Coastal Empire, Aging is a normal part of the life process, and The Gardens of Savannah Memory Care residence understands that every Coastal Georgia senior’s aging experience is unique.

The mission of the Manor House of Savannah  Memory Care Community is to provide a lifestyle that enhances the quality of life for every Coastal Empire Senior Citizen in their care.

At The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s & Memory Care Facility, the dedicated and caring staff continually strives to engage in activities that energize the mind, body, and spirit while providing a comfortable and secure living environment free from the stress, worries, and dangers that arise from memory impairment.

The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s Residence goals, policies, and operating procedures at Shadowmoss Plantation, are based on a resident centered philosophy.

Do you have a special Coastal Georgia Senior who might benefit from enhanced Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care?

Visit The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s and Dementia facility and find out how their approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia management might benefit your special Savannah area senior.

For more information on The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s residence or to schedule your visit, click here.

For more information about their Savannah Alzheimer’s and dementia care, call The Gardens of Savannah Memory Care Residence: (912) 925-3445

Would you like to visit this Savannah area memory care facility in person?

The Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care residence: 249 Holland Dr, Savannah, GA 31419

Click here for the Gardens of Savannah Alzheimer’s Residence Website.

Alzheimer's Coastal Empire Senior Information

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