Thoughtful Christmas Present Ideas for Savannah Senior Citizens

Christmas Shopping in Savannah GA

Christmas Present Ideas for Savannah Seniors – Browse our list for the “just right” gift for someone special.

No one gift is perfect for all Savannah seniors. We have compiled a nice range of gifts to help you find the perfect. Feel free to put your own spin on them.

Take a senior to lunch. Sharing a meal is about a lot more than food. For seniors, the real appetizer is anticipating your company. Add the spice of conversation and catching up on family gossip. The actual lunch is just about icing on the cake.

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Coastal Empire Seniors Tip: Keep the good times rolling by turning your gift into a “lunch of the month”. You’ll be the favorite in no time.

Pre-loaded Tablet with music, books, and a video service like Netflix or Amazon Prime. A tablet is a great gift, but for senior citizens pre-loading the tablet makes the gift much more wonderful. Spend some time downloading their favorite songs and albums from iTunes. Set up their e-mail account, so they can immediately interact with friends and family. Create a digital album with family photographs. Set up their Netflix or Amazon Prime account and put some great movies in their queue.

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Coastal Empire Seniors Tip: This gift obviously takes some time to set up, but it is time well spent. A tablet can put the whole world in a Coastal Georgia senior’s hands. In addition, many seniors have had to downsize several times in their lives, particularly if they are in a senior apartment or assisted living facility. Chances are, they have left behind record collections, 8 tracks, VHS tapes, boxes of family slides, and more. This is a chance for them to recapture music, images, and movies that hold a special place in their heart.

Send them to the salon. We all like to look nice. A salon session before Christmas dinner or New Year’s Eve will be especially appreciated. Spend some time browsing over hair styles and nail colors – they will appreciate it.

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Coastal Empire Seniors Tip: For seniors in independent living facilities or assisted living facilities, ask if they have an on-site salon. Nothing will make you a bigger hero than joining them for salon services together. Their friends will talk about it for months – maybe until next Christmas.

The Trip of a Lifetime: For most of us, time and money are hard to come by. If you are blessed with the means and flexibility of schedule, consider taking a memorable trip with your special senior. A friend of mine recently took her mom on a “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” adventure. Their mom had visited 45 states and had often commented on how nice she thought it would have been to be able to see the last five. They combined Amtrak, buses, airplanes, and Uber drivers to make her dream come true. It was not astronomically expensive, but it was an investment both financially and of time.  The results? Her mom loved and appreciated the trip.

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Coastal Empire Seniors Tip: Is your parent or in-law a World War II Veteran? Take them on a trip to Europe, North Africa, The Philippines, Japan, or wherever they served. Many World War II veterans have never had an opportunity to return. Doing so can provide enormous closure. Can you imagine associating a country or region with death, bombed out buildings, and being scared all the time? A trip back to see how a land has recovered and flourished can be a real blessing.

Has your parent or in-law been able to visit the land of their ancestors? A trip to Scotland, Norway, Kenya, or Korea may have always seemed impossible. If you have the chance to make that dream come true, it can be truly special – for both of you.

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Will you be Christmas shopping in Savannah this year? 

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