Coastal Empire Senior Christmas Eve Memories

Savannah Senior Holiday GuideChristmas Eve Memories

At Coastal Empire Seniors, we love the holidays.

Today we wanted to share our Savannah Christmas Eve Memories– and to encourage you to instill wonderful memories in your grandchildren.

More and more, Coastal Georgia children grow up without traditions. In our generation, we had lots of traditions year round, and especially at Christmas time.

Hopefully this Christmas you’ll be around your family.

When you think back to the Christmas Eves of your childhood, what traditions did you value most?

Make this the year you pass one of your favorites on to your own grandchildren (or great grandchildren!).

Christmas Eve activities Savannah Seniors

Some Coastal Georgia Seniors we’ve heard from will be sharing the following Christmas Eve traditions with their grandkids this year:

Christmas Eve Savannah Senior Citizens

  • Making real hot chocolate. Many Coastal Empire Seniors remember a day before hot cocoa came from a packet. Your grandmother made a much more delicious version from a tin of real cocoa (Hershey’s is great), sugar, and milk. Constant stirring was required to prevent the milk from scorching, but the final product is leaps and bounds better than the packets.
  • Baking cinammon rolls from scratch. Lots of time and effort still goes into preparing the Christmas meal. Often these days no thought is given to Christmas morning. Did you have a Christmas morning tradition growing up? For many Coastal Georgia seniors it was cinammon rolls lovingly made from scratch. We say lovingly, because they are hard and time consuming to make – and often we only took the trouble at Christmas time. It is a lot of work, but this is a great tradition to pass down to our Coastal Georgia grandkids.
  • Kissing under the mistle toe. Fifty years ago, many Georgians weren’t overly affectionate in front of the family. Even the grumpiest grandpa would submit to a chaste smooch under the mistle toe. There was a time when every home had a sprig hung somewhere, but this tradition has widely disappeared. Bring it back for your family this Christmas. If you find a big oak with a nice moss beard, you have a good chance at finding some in the wild. Many Coastal Georgia florists will also have it during Christmas.Christmas Savannah GA, Christmas Georgia, Savannah Senior Holiday Ideas, Christmas ideas Georgia
  • The Christmas Story. When many of us were little, our parents read to us a passage from the Bible about Christ’s birth. Most Coastal Georgia libraries have excellent illustrated Children’s versions of the story available. Bring one to share with your grandchildren this year. The message is timeless, and this is definitely a tradition you can be proud to pass down. As an alternative, seek out a live nativity – there are several around Savannah and Coastal Georgia.
  • The Night Before Christmas. This is “the other” Christmas Eve story, and it is also a nice one. There is a reason it has survived so many generations. Your grandchildren will love to hear you read it, and again our Coastal Georgia and Savannah libraries have several versions available.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Savannah Senior Holiday GuideChristmas Eve Memories.

Did we miss your special Coastal Georgia Christmas Eve tradition?

We’d love to hear about it.

E-mail it to

Merry Christmas to all of our Coastal Georgia Seniors.

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Christmas Eve Savannah Seniors


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