Savannah Senior Reading Recommendations – AARP For Dummies Series

Savannah Senior Reading Recommendation – AARP for Dummies Series

Savannah seniors know a lot – but inevitably there are some subjects that make us feel, well like dummies.

AARP has put together a series of “For Dummies books” that can help Savannah seniors with Pinterest, iPads, Facebook, Laptop Computers, and other topics that you struggle with.

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From social networking sites and online genealogy, to the latest gadgets and tablets, AARP’s Tech to Connect books are dedicated to making technology work for Savannah senior citizens while helping to protect their online privacy and security. The world’s bestselling reference series, For Dummies, has introduced the new Tech to Connect book series from AARP. Specifically targeting the 50+ consumer, these books offer advice and solutions for using technology to stay connected with friends, family and community.

“The 50+ tech audience is growing by leaps and bounds, and they’re hungry for guidance and looking to get up to speed on how to connect with others online,” said Myrna Blyth, Senior Vice President and Editorial Director for AARP.

“Our For Dummies Tech to Connect book series is the perfect solution for Coastal Georgia / Savannah seniors, using easy-to-understand language to answer the many questions they have.”

“For Dummies is excited to work with AARP on the Tech to Connect series,” said Andy Cummings, Vice President and Publisher, For Dummies Technology. “Since our early days of DOS For Dummies to current bestsellers like iPad For Dummies and Windows For Dummies, the Dummies brand empowers readers to use technology to enrich their lives, and this partnership allows us to share this mission with the AARP community.”reading recommendations for Savannah seniors

We hope today’s Savannah Senior Reading Recommendations have been helpful for you.

We strive to provide the senior resources that can keep Coastal Georgia up to speed with technology and other areas that can enrich our lives.

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