Savannah Senior Health News: Five Fitness Tips to Keep Coastal Georgia Senior Citizens Healthy

Senior Exercise Savannah & Coastal Georgia

On today’s edition of Savannah Senior Health News, we look at five fitness tips that can increase Coastal Empire senior health.

For our Savannah seniors, it is never too late to begin an active lifestyle. As we age, muscle and bone mass decrease more rapidly. Balance, flexibility and strength can suffer, leading to a higher risk of injury and less independence. However, new muscle mass can be created at any age and studies show higher endurance levels reduce a Savannah senior citizen’s risk of premature mortality, cardiovascular disease and mobility limitation. Exercising regularly can also help Coastal Georgia seniors boost energy, limit the risk of depression, decrease hospital visits and even help manage pain.

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The key to Savannah seniors maintaining an active lifestyle is consistency. Don’t worry about seeing immediate results and never push yourself beyond the point of injury. While many Coastal Empire senior citizens may feel discouraged by age or physical condition, there are multiple exercises that allow for accommodations based on your lifestyle and physical capabilities.

Here are five Savannah senior exercise tips for our seniors to stay active and healthy.

How can Georgia senior citizens improve our circulation? 

For a great calf stretch and to increase circulation, while sitting in a chair, extend one leg out and point your toes upward towards the knee. Try holding for five seconds before alternating. Repeat four times on each leg or as necessary to help minimize cramping and increase blood flow. Over time, you can gradually ad more if you are comfortable.

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Exercises that can help build Savannah Senior endurance

You may not be up to training for a marathon, but Savannah seniors can still build endurance. Endurance exercises provide a great opportunity to partner with a friend. The more social your exercise routine is, the more likely you are to continue it. Your heart and circulatory system will thank you upon joining in activities such as swimming, walking, jogging, bicycling, or even dancing. The key is to add movement into your daily lifestyle and scheduling set times to partake in these activities with a friend is a great way to stay motivated and keep in touch! Walking in particular can be a great and easy routine that you can continue with throughout life and doesn’t necessarily require extra planning. So find your favorite and most comfortable pair of shoes and walk to your next destination, and consider calling a friend to join you.

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What can Georgia seniors try to help improve balance? 

All Savannah seniors know someone who has taken a bad fall. Improved balance can minimize your chance of injury.

To increase your balance and help prevent injuries that may be caused by falling, try a knee curl or side leg raise.

To begin a proper knee curl, stand behind a sturdy chair and use both hands to hold onto for proper balance. Stand firmly on one leg and raise the other by bending at the knee to bring your heel towards your back. Repeat four times on each leg and hold for five seconds before alternating.

For a side leg raise, continue standing behind a sturdy chair while holding onto for balance. While standing on your left leg, slowly lift your right leg outwards, away from your body. Remember to elevate slowly and don’t overextend yourself. Do what’s comfortable and again hold for five seconds before switching to the other leg.

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Developing Strength for Savannah Senior Citizens

Building strength leads to building muscle. Regarded as the best calf exercise, calf raises are a great way to keep your legs in shape. For better balance, stand by a wall and place your legs shoulder width apart. Raise your body straight upward and lift by pressing down on the balls of your feet. Hands can be kept by your sides or placed on the wall for better balance. Avoid moving forward and backward as you move upward.  Weights, such as 2-pound dumbbells, can be included to increase intensity. If you’re comfortable move up to 5 or 10-pound dumbbells.

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Are there exercises or tips for reducing tention? 

For Savannah seniors, stretching can be the key to feeling better after your workout. Coastal Empire seniors will want to develop a habit of stretching before and after exercise. Stretching will help avoid added tension after your workout, and will help increase flexibility and add to your range of motion. Don’t forget to always cool down after each physical activity before you stretch.

Shoulder rolls are one of the best and simplest exercises to relieve shoulder and upper back tension, especially after exercising. End by sitting upright and inhale as you rotate both shoulders together in a circular motion backwards. Take it slow and remember to exhale as you complete each rotation. Then begin by rotating forward and repeat five times in each direction.

Exercise gives you energy

We hope today’s edition of Savannah Senior Health News has been helpful.

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For Savannah seniors, fitness can be the key to a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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