Travel Tips For Coastal Seniors Hitting the Road this Holiday Season

Savannah Senior Holiday Travel Tips

Visit the Family – and Be Safe

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are fast approaching. Traveling during the holidays can be stressful for many of our Savannah seniors.

Bad weather, reckless drivers trying to get to their family gatherings as quickly as possible, drunk drivers, delayed flights, and the list of travel frustrations goes on.

Extra care must be taken by all throughout the holiday season.senior tourism Savannah

Here are some tips for Savannah senior citizen travelers during this extra stressful time:

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  • Plan ahead. If you are driving, it makes sense to plan your route and the times you will be traveling ahead of time. Pick the most efficient route for you. This does not mean the quickest route. You want to pick the route that will get you to your destination quickly, but safely- and with a minimum of stress and frustration. Sometimes that means taking the long way around. For instance, when traveling near large cities, you will often have the choice of a route around the city or through it. Unless your destination is inside the city, you may want to go around. Taking the long way around will allow you to avoid unnecessary traffic jams and accidents. Plan your route so that you are traveling through the highest traffic areas in the late morning, afternoon, or late evening to avoid the morning and evening rushes.

Plan ahead when flying to save money. Purchase your tickets ahead of time for lower prices and travel on lighter traveling days. You can sign up for many online services that will let you know ahead of time about travel deals during the holidays. The day before Thanksgiving and the following Sunday are the busiest travel days, so avoid traveling by air on those days. Flying on Black Friday will almost guarantee that you will avoid the crowds because most people will be shopping.

  • Take advantage of mobile apps. iPhone users can take advantage of useful applications on their phones. Smart phones can track airport information while traveling. Keep track of gate changes, flight delays, take-off times, and eating and bathroom locations (for those “gotta go now!” times). Some airlines have apps for check-in, tracking flight status, and even seat confirmation. Whether driving or flying, smart phones have great GPS applications that will get you where you’re going without having to look at a map.
  • Be sure to keep your gas tank full. Driving in bad weather and heavy traffic is taxing enough for Georgia seniors without worrying about running out of gas. Be sure to fill your tank when it hits the halfway point so that you don’t risk running out.
  • Always have a backup. If you don’t have a smart phone or prefer not to use one, take your map and use highlighters. Highlighting your route will make it easy to see where you are going. Add and highlight exit numbers and rest stops as well. The easier your directions to see, the less stressful your tip will be.

Are you traveling this Holiday Season? If so be safe, be prepared and enjoy your trip.  While traveling out of town can be a pain, remember it is easier than basting a turkey all through the night!


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Happy Holidays Savannah Seniors!

We hope today’s Savannah Senior Holiday Travel Tips were helpful for you.

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