Coastal Empire Seniors Define Their Thanksgiving Legacies

Thanksgiving in Coastal Georgia

When the calendar hits November, Savannah Seniors start thinking about Thanksgiving.

Many Savannah Seniors are already busy prepping for another wonderful Thanksgiving with family.happy-Thanksgiving

Take a moment to think about Thanksgiving – it might help you make this a year to truly remember.

What is Thanksgiving all about for you?

  • Passing on traditions?
  • Creating new memories?
  • Spending quality time with loved ones?
  • Preserving our US history?
  • Relaxing and watching football(Go Bulldogs!)?

Does your Coastal Georgia family’s Thanksgiving match that ideal you hold in your mind?

As an “elder statesman” (or matriarch!) in your family hierarchy you have a lot of influence over how Thanksgiving is celebrated.

For many Savannah seniors, Thanksgiving is a big deal. Our gently guiding hand can help position the holiday as a big deal for future generations as well.

If the way your family celebrates Thanksgiving has gradually eroded, you are in the position of being able to prop it back up.


Here are some common concerns Coastal Georgia Seniors have about the way Thanksgiving is celebrated in their families:

  • Some family members are excluded. Due to convenience or old disagreements, sometimes family members are excluded. Thanksgiving can be a time to heal these wounds and strengthen family ties.
  • For many Coastal Empire families, the work that goes into putting together a perfect Thanksgiving dinner is overwhelming and takes so much time and energy the preparers are unable to really enjoy the holiday. Is it time to let go of aiming for “perfect” and to focus on enjoying the family time? Some tips for destressing your Thanksgiving prep include:
  1. Outsourcing. Cooking a perfect holiday turkey is a challenge – and very time consuming. Consider outsourcing your turkey to a local barbecue company or restaurant (a smoked turkey or fried turkey tastes great and having someone else do all the work gives you A LOT more time to enjoy your family). You can also skip the turkey this year and choose something that you are more comfortable with and that is less stressfull – ham, roast, chicken, fajitas. Start a new family tradition!
  2. Are one or two family members doing most of the food prep? Go potluck and make everyone responsible for bringing 1-3 dishes. A Thanksgiving potluck can give everyone the opportunity to focus on their 2-3 BEST dishes. If you’ve already outsourced the turkey, that number of sides and desserts will generally be plenty. 
  • Giving Thanks. Thanksgiving is one of the few times a Coastal Georgia gives thanks together. Is this tradition being honored appropriately in your home? If you don’t feel it is, step in. Ask everyone to hold hands. Start by telling them what you are thankful for and then ask each family member (especially children) to say what they are thankful for. You can get some great insight into what is important to your family. 
  • Cleanup. Are one or two family members stuck cleaning everything up each year? Is everyone else watching football or napping on the couch? Use your elder statesman status to make things a little more balanced. Point out a way the loafers can pitch in (clearing the table, drying dishes, taking out the trash), so that the hard workers can have some time to relax. After all, chances are those are the same people that did more than their share of the prep work.after-turkey

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for Coastal Georgia seniors. We get the one thing we most want- quality time with our families. Make the most of your Coastal Empire Thanksgiving this year. Gently guide your family to a Thanksgiving that is meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.  It’s easy to get a little off focus. They will appreciate your gentle guidance and this Thanksgiving will be more special than ever.

Happy Thanksgiving Savannah Seniors – make this one to remember.


Are you looking for more holiday ideas for Savannah seniors?

Stay tuned.

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Happy Thanksgiving Savannah Seniors!