Coastal Empire Seniors wishes all of Our Coastal Georgia Seniors a Wonderful Thanksgiving

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving Savannah seniors!

Thanksgiving has come once again to Coastal Georgia. This is the time to hold family close and to create a special memory for ourselves and for others. It is hard for a Coastal Georgia senior to smell a roasting turkey or to taste cranberries (be they canned or homemade) without picturing our own mothers and grandparents so many decades ago, melting away like they were just yesterday.


Here are a few ideas on creating some memories your own family will cherish:

  • Let a child lick a beater (mixer blade – we called them “beaters” at our house). Kids should know the best desserts are made from scratch not just picked up from the grocery store. You may be their one chance to get that lesson. Watching you remove the beater from the mixer and handing it to them to sample can give them that link – one day they will treasure that memory and hand a special kid in their lives a “beater” as well. 
  • Play cards or dominoes with your family. Some kind of table game is ideal for enjoying time with family after the big meal. Yes, there will be a great football game on, but there are lots of football games – and not that many times to get your family around the table to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Make the most of this rare time together. Our family really enjoyed Spades, the boardgame Life, and if there was time (which their rarely is!) RISK. Spades (or Hearts or your family’s favorite card game) is nice because you can play in small groups and rotate them frequently so everyone has time together. 
  • Share a family story. You never hear someone say, “I wish I knew less about my family”. If you’ve made it to being a Coastal Georgia senior, you definitely know some things about your family that others don’t. Choose a few to share this year. Did you have a grandparent who killed their own turkey? Who smoked their own ham or sausage? Did someone in your family can vegetables to save for the Thanksgiving feast? Share the story with your Coastal Georgia family this year.beater

The main thing will be – enjoy your family this Thanksgiving.  None of us knows how many Thanksgivings we have. For every Coastal Georgia senior, each one has become precious and something to cherish. Make yours memorable – for you and your family.

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend to all of our Savannah Senior Citizens – enjoy!


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Happy Thanksgiving Savannah Seniors!


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