The Christmas Recipe – To Share or Not to Share a Decision Facing Coastal Empire Seniors

Savannah Senior Holiday Guide

Giving is Better Than Receiving During the Holidays

Taste is linked to memory. That’s true in Coastal Georgia, and it is true worldwide

Coastal Empire Seniors hold the secret recipes that unlock the essence of Christmas.

How long have you been the guardian of these holiday memories?

Is this the year for our Savannah seniors to share their family Christmas recipes with a worthy family member (or members)?

Too often our Georgia heirloom recipes are held for too long and lost forever.

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It is our duty as Coastal Georgia grandmother’s and grandfather’s to ensure our future generations are able to enjoy the true taste of Christmas.

Don’t let them grow up believing that cookies come from a roll in the grocery story or that pie comes from the freezer section or that you can only get whip cream in a can. My mercy.

Here are some options Coastal Empire Seniors can consider for passing down their family’s heirloom recipes.

Choose a champion. Some people like for “secret” family recipes to stay “secret”. By choosing a champion, you are able to hand pick a guardian of the family recipes. Someone that will make them for all the big family occasions, relieving some of the burden from you. Someone who will choose wisely how to share the recipe with other family members over time. Someone to pass the torch to, someone to take on the legacy.

Shotgun approach. The more people who know the recipe, the more likely it is to remain in the family tradition. You can hand print the recipe on index cards when you are watching tv, type the recipe once and print it out on the printer with a copy for everyone, or have pretty cards made up with the recipe on it at your local printing company. The recipe can be hand delivered or included in a Christmas card.

Save it for posterity. A long running Southern tradition is the family Bible. In our family, while our oldest have been passed down to museums, we still have some pretty old ones remaining. A tradition you could start is the family cook book. Self publishing is super easy now and if you’re uncomfortable with it you can recruit just about any grandkid to help. You can make a book that has your most treasured recipes and that leaves space for family members to add recipes in the future. For a few hundred dollars you can provide one for every member of your family.

Take it to the grave. Of course you can hold on to a recipe forever. It happens thousands of times a year, and every time it does America loses a little of it’s Christmas flavor. Wait, is that your great granddaughter eating an Oreo on Christmas eve?

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We hope this edition of the Savannah Senior Holiday Guide has been entertaining and informative.

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For Georgia families, recipes are important family heirlooms.

How – and when – will you share yours? 

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