How Coastal Empire Seniors Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

Coastal Empire Senior News Years Resolutions

Coastal Empire Seniors know keeping New Year’s resolutions is HARD.

Coastal Empire Seniors has talked with Georgia seniors who have had success with past resolutions and here are some of their tips for making this the year Savannah seniors keep our New Year’s Resolutions.

New Years Resolution

1. Write them down and post them where you can see them. Call it a reminder or call it guilt, but seeing the resolution over and over does help Coastal Georgia Seniors keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Is your resolution to lose weight? Put the reminder on the fridge. Is your resolution to go to the gym more? Put the reminder on your dash board. Is your resolution to stay on budget? Stick a reminder on the check book or wrap one around your debit card.

2. Tell a friend. When Coastal Empire seniors tell our friends about our New Year’s Resolutions, they ask us about them, “Hey, Man using laptop computer in classroom have you been making it to the gym?” “Are you keeping in touch with your daughter-in-law?” In anticipating their questions, we’re more likely to keep to our resolutions.

3. Put Yourself on someone else’s schedule. If you want to improve your computer skills promising yourself that you’ll spend 30 minutes or three hours a week on it can be a pipe dream. Enrolling in a class at the senior center or the Y can turn that dream into a reality – quickly. The same goes for getting fit (if you’re paying a trainer, you’ll be there!) or learning Spanish (you’ll be amazed by how many ways it benefits you).

Most of life we’ve learned by the carrot (make more money or have a happy spouse) or the stick (make less money or deal with an angry spouse).

The same can help us stick to our Coastal Georgia senior New Year’s resolutions.

3. Set a positive consequence for sticking to your resolutions- the carrotIf you go a whole week without a cigarette, New Year's Resolution Coastal Empire Senior fitnesstreat yourself to a movie (hey, not smoking for a week will even pay for your ticket – with your Coastal Georgia senior discount). If you stay on your diet Monday – Saturday, reward yourself with a favorite snack or dessert on Sunday (studies show an occasional treat helps you keep to your diet anyway). The reward system can generally applied to any of our Coastal Empire Senior New Year’s resolutions. Hey, if it works for the “dog whisperer”, it can work for us. We all know you really can teach an old dog new tricks.

4. Set a negative consequence for not sticking to your resolutions – the stick. If you can’t seem to stick to your diet (as always consult your doctor), then add to your time in the gym. Or if you can’t seem to make it to the gym, deny yourself fries or a softdrink that day.

Hopefully these tips from other Coastal Georgia seniors will make it easier to stick to your Savannah New Year’s resolutions this year.

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