Five Top Coastal Georgia Senior New Year’s Resolutions

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Savannah Senior News: Top New Year’s Resolutions for Coastal Empire Senior Citizens.

Coastal Empire Seniors is Sharing  Five Top Seniors New Year’s Resolutions with Coastal Empire Seniors.

Chances are one or more of these will hit home for you.

  • Senior New Year’s Resolution 1: Start a letter journal.  Handwritten letters have nearly become a thing of the past, thanks to the Internet.  However, our Savannah area seniors are from an era when writing letters by hand was an important and valued form of etiquette – a more personal way New Years Resolutions Coastal Empire Senior weight lossof keeping in touch.  You can still purchase a bound journal and write a letter inside, then give it to your loved one who will write a letter to you and return the journal.  The same can be done with individual letters written back and forth and pasted into the journal. The process repeats throughout the year, or until the journal is full. Sharing a letter journal with your loved one is a unique way to strengthen your connection, and for you to get to know each other better.  An added perk for Georgia Seniors (and your family) is the excitement of looking forward to receiving “real” mail.  You find yourselves thinking of each other more often…and contemplating what bit of news to share in the next letter!
  • Senior New Year’s Resolution 2: Plan to age gracefully.  Growing old does have a few advantages for our Coastal Empire Seniors – and a few disadvantages, (wrinkles, gray hair and changes our bodies undergo in the process!).  It is never too late for Georgia senior citizens to decide to pursue a healthy lifestyle, which increases the odds of aging gracefully.  To age gracefully, Savannah area seniors should plan to exercise often, eat nutritious foods and to encourage each other while doing so.  If you live near your beloved senior, take walks or participate in a group exercise class together.  Even if your friends and family live far away, Man using laptop computer in classroomyou can take walks during the same time of day and talk on the phone to plan healthy meals and other activities.
  • Senior New Year’s Resolution 3: Share your favorite recipes.  This one has come up a few times on Coastal Empire Seniors. We love to be the “guardians” of secret family recipes, but it is also important to make sure they are appropriately passed down to the next generation. What about new recipes? Exchanging healthy recipes can help you – and your friends and family consistantly eat more nutritious meals and gives you the opportunity to ensure they are eating well.  Sharing recipes with others can have great payoff. The bonus can be receiving favorite family recipes from your friends that have been passed down through their families for generations!
  • Senior New Year’s Resolution 4: Get tech savvy Believe it or not, our Georgia senior citizens are the fastest growing segment of computer users.   If you do not already have a computer, now is the time to expand your horizons!  It might seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you are comfortable, your prowess – and enjoyment – might surprise you.  CommunicNew Years Resolutions Savannah seniorsation and trading pictures becomes a snap, and imagine being able to see your grandchildren over a web cam if you live apart!  The grandkids can relay their adventures, and you all get the pleasure of seeing each other laugh!
  • Senior New Year’s Resolution 5: Talk about the hard stuff This resolution may not be fun, but it is the most important of all.   While you are able, help set standards of care you desire should you ever become incapacitated.  Form plans within your family as to who might become your caregiver or if an outside source will be hired.  There are lots of great Georgia home care and home health agencies. Talking about estate planning and wills, along with other related issues, helps prepare you and your family for the inevitable.  Discussing these things in advance ensures that your wishes are recorded and understood by all.

We hope these 5 top New Year’s Resolutions for Senior Citizens have been been helpful for you.

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We hope these tips from Coastal Empire Seniors help you plan your New Year’s Resolutions.senior advertising Georgia, senior advertising Savannah GA, seniorr advertising Coastal Georgia, senior advertising Coastal Empire, Coastal Empire Senior advertising

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