Savannah Seniors Introduction to Coastal Georgia Home Health

Savannah Senior Health News – Introduction to Coastal Georgia Home Health

Savannah senior citizens are very independent.

There are Coastal Georgia seniors who have survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, and a dozen American Presidents.

At some point even the most independent Coastal Empire Senior Citizen can use a little bit of help.

A friend or relative may suggest Home Health Care. It’s a common reaction to think, “Wait! I can do it all myself”.

Home Health providers actually understand your desire to remain independent. Their goal is to greatly prolong the number of years you are able to remain in your own home.

Coastal Georgia Home Health - home helath introduction Savannah  has prepared a brief introduction on Home Health to help you decide if it something you might benefit from.

The following list answers some of the most common questions Coastal Georgia seniors have when they first are introduced to the idea of considering Home Health.

Q: What is Home Health Care?

  • Home Health care allows Coastal Georgia senior citizens to receive medical care in the comfort of our own homes rather than having to go to a hospital or nursing facility. The goal is to maintain and increase a senior’s independence and ability to remain in their home. Home Care professionals can include nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, attendants, speech therapists, wound care specialists, and more.

Q: Who pays for a Coastal Georgia Senior’s Home Health Services?

  • Medicare pays 100% of skilled services ordered by a Coastal Empire senior’s doctor. Other insurance companies pay different amounts for home health services. A quick call to your insurance company can usually quickly help you find out which services are covered.

Q: What are Disease Management Programs?

  • These are designed to assist Coastal Georgia seniors facing issues like Diabetes, COPD, and CHF. They educate you about the disease process and help Coastal Empire seniors manage the disease with the help of specialists- all in their own home.

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If you’d like to learn more about Coastal Georgia Home Care options, let your doctor know your questions and concerns. They are a great resource and most are very familiar with Coastal Empire home health options.

Home Health can give Coastal Empire senior citizens the ability to stay in our own homes.

Savannah Senior Citizens are very independent- and home health can help us maintain that independence for years, even decades.

Ask your doctor about Coastal Empire Home Health options.

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