St. Joseph Smart Senior Program Overview for Coastal Georgia Senior Citizens

Savannah Senior Activities and EntertainmentCheck out St. Joseph’s Smart Senior Program

One of the areas Savannah seniors write us about the most is social opportunities – places to enjoy the company of other Savannah senior citizens.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a “club” for Coastal Georgia Seniors?

Somewhere you could go and enjoy the company of other seniors. Why not throw in fun activities, some opportunities to learn, some cool special events, and making it easier to stay on top of health issues?

Luckily for Coastal Empire Seniors, such a club does exist – and it’s great! The St. Joseph Smart Senior Program is a wonderful “private club” for over 4,000 Coastal Georgia Seniors.

senior line dancing coastal georgia - coastal empire senior line dancing

St. Joseph SmartSenior Line Dancing

For one super low annual membership fee of only $15, St. Joseph Smart Senior members enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Health Screenings: Hearing Tests, Stroke, memory, and skin cancer screenings. Blood pressure checks.

Coastal Empire Senior health screen - Coastal Georgia Senior Health Screening


  • Educational Health Seminars for Savannah Senior Citizens – St. Joseph Smart Seniors can attend monthly “lunch and learn: and “breakfast bunch” seminars where members enjoy a complimentary meal and a presentation by health professionals and community leaders on topics of interest.
  • Computer Training Course for Coastal Georgia Seniors – Coastal Georgia Senior may attend a six-week computer class that teaches basic terminology, file organization, how to type letters and send e-mail and more. Classes meet once each week for six weeks.
  • Line-dancing Classes – Coastal Georgia Seniors enjoy dancing, but for many Line Dancing is something new. St. Joseph Smart Seniors can choose from  beginner or intermediate line-dancing classes on a weekly basis. This is a great Savannah Senior activity!
  • Medicare Counselor – Medicare can be confusing for even the savviest Coastal Empire Senior. St. Joseph Smart Seniors have a special ally. For assistance in understanding those daunting Medicare forms, policies and procedures, a  Medicarecounselor is available by appointment.
  • Senior Discount Program – Savannah area seniors will receive an extensive merchant discount list featuring discounts to SmartSenior members at retail and restaurant establishments throughout the area, as well as discounts at the Candler and St. Joseph’s Hospital cafeterias.
  • Travel Club and Discounts – Travel is fun. Now that we finally have the time, sometimes Coastal Empire Seniors find it hard to pick up and go. The St. Joseph Smart Senior Traval Club helps.  Travel adventures include short day trips to nearby destinations, as well as longer excursions to destinations like New York City and abroad.
  • Office Services – Tired of trying to figure out where you can send a fax or make a copy? How about a notary? St. Joseph Smart Seniors receive FREE office services including faxing, photocopying and notary services, as well as the use of computers with Internet access.
  • Hospitalization Benefits – Maybe you never have to go to the hospital. Maybe you go more than you’d like. Coastal Georgia Senior hospital inpatients who are Smart Senior members receive complimentary newspapers, private rooms, and a SmartSenior Newsletter.
  • Special Events – Coastal Empire Seniors who are members of the St. Joseph Smart Senior Program have full social calendars including popular senior citizen social events such as the Bingo Bash and Picnic in Daffin Park and the Season Celebration Dinner/Dance. Events are offered annually to SmartSenior members.
  • YMCA – Discount on the enrollment fee at any YMCA of Coastal Georgia. Free photocopying and fax services are also available to SmartSenior members at any YMCA in the area.

The medical benefits are great, but so many of our readers rave about the Savannah senior social opportunities through the Smart Senior program.

Click here for more information about the St. Joseph SmartSenior programan “exclusive club” for Coastal Georgia Senior Citizens.

For further information or to apply for membership in the SmartSenior Program, please drop by our office or contact us at:
#8 Medical Arts Center
Savannah, GA  31405
(912) 352-4405

Click here for thhe St. Joseph Smart Senior Registration form.

Are you looking for more Savannah senior social opportunities?

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Smart Senior Bingo Bash

We hope you enjoyed today’s feature article, Savannah Senior Activities and EntertainmentCheck out St. Joseph’s Smart Senior Program.

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