Coastal Georgia Grandparents: Savannah Spring Break Ideas Part 1

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Spring Break Ideas for Coastal Empire Grandparents Seeking to Create Lasting Memories with their Grandchildren.

Savannah Grandparents looking for ideas to entertain their grandchildren during Spring Break are in luck.

Coastal Empire Seniors is running a ten part series on Coastal Georgia Spring Break ideas for our Coastal Empire grandparents.

Today’s Coastal Georgia Spring Break suggestion is scheduling a sailing ship outing on The Lynx – a historic tall ship whose history goes back to the War Between the States (Civil War).

Do you have a Coastal Empire grandchild who lives for adventure? A modern day Huck Finn?

They’ll love a Savannah Spring Break outing on sailing ship The Lynx!

The Lynx Savannah Senior Fun

The tall ship Lynx offers a limited number of opportunities for guest crew – that’s Coastal Georgia grandparents and their families – to sign on board and experience offshore sailing on a Tall Ship.

These voyages are for the true adventurer willing to leave the modern world behind and embark on an authentic high seas adventure.

They can be tailored to the sailor interested in passage planning, basic piloting and celestial navigation, mechanical systems, and weather observation – or to Savannah grandparents just looking to share a wonderful day with their grandkids.

The Lynx Coastal Georgia Senior Outing

The Lynx transits from port to port throughout the year. Whether it is a romp up or down the coast or a gentle overnight sail under the stars, these one to six day passages are perfect for anyone looking to experience something different.

Talk about a chance for Coastal Empire seniors to create a lifetime memory with their grandchildren!

These voyages can be set up to teach your grandchild the basics of sail training – or they can just experience the magic of being away from the TV and out on the open ocean.

Day sailing trips on the tall ship Lynx can be scheduled during Savannah port visits.

Such trips are perfect opportunities for Coastal Empire seniors to enjoy a meaningful experience with their grandchildren that perfectly blends fun and education.

You and your Coastal Georgia grandchildren can be as involved in the sailing process as you’d like to be – or just relax and enjoy the trip.

These interactive sails are a unique way for Coastal Georgia seniors to spend time with  family.

Day trips on the Lynx are scheduled from 9-12 and 1-4. Groups are limited to no more than 40 passengers per trip.

The Lynx is a busy ship and always on the move, so call ahead to reserve your trip for when she’s in Savannah.

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The Lynx Savannah Spring Break ideas for Coastal Empire Grandparents

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