Coastal Empire Senior Food Assistance through Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia’s Brown Bag for the Elderly

Coastal Empire Senior Citizen Food Assistance

Second Harvest Brown Bag for the Elderly

Coastal Georgia Seniors are extremely independent.

For decades we worked hard and counted on our hard work, savings, and investments (as well as Social Security!) to provide for us in our golden years.

With our prolonged recession, sometimes the golden years don’t seem quite so golden.

Occasionally it would be a BIG help to have little food assistance for many Coastal Georgia seniors – just some extra things in our pantries to help us stretch our grocery budget (and free up money for things like medications and utilities).

Brown Bag for Seniors Coastal Savannah Seniors

Do you know about Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia’s Brown Bag for Seniors Program?

It is one of the major Coastal Georgia senior resources for food assistance for Coastal Empire senior citizens.

  • Second Harvest volunteers fill bags with a mix of different types of food for distribution to Coastal Georgia Seniors in need of food assistance.
  • The bags contain fresh bread, canned goods, pastries, and when they are available fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The bags are designed to assist a Coastal Georgia senior citizens with preparing five additional meals.Brown Bag for the Elderly Coastal Georgia
  • Second Harvest volunteers distribute the bags to 1700+ Coastal Georgia seniors the third week of each month.

Second Harvest serves 21 counties for Coastal Georgia senior citizens.

If you would benefit from food assistance, you are not alone. More than 10,605 seniors in our community are living below the poverty level and benefit from programs like the Coastal Georgia Brown Bag for Seniors.

You worked hard for decades. If you need a little help now to stretch your budget, please put this great Coastal Georgia food assistance program for seniors to work for you.

Here is a link to the Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia Brown Bag for Seniors website.


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